Swiss Chard in my Garden

When you eat your fill of red Swiss Chard and let her bolt, that girl can grow over 7 feet tall! (2.something meters for you metric folk)

However you measure it, that’s damn tall for a leafy plant that ends up on your plate with some oil and vinegar and garlic and herbs.

Anyway, here’s some photos of the Chard in my garden I just can’t cut down. 

No, bitter greens are not a political affiliation…

Ironically my garden excels at growing bitter greens. So, what do you do when life gives you bitter greens?  Send them back!?!  HELL no. Make a soup? Indeed, the irony of bitter greens mastery pales in comparison to all the lovely possibilities of awkward food selfies. So, here we go. Bitter greens are ready for their closeup.

Add some roast Kabocha squash,

a mirepoix,

some English peas,

vegetable stock, water…DAMN!  I’m hungry!  Let’s eat soup!!!

And don’t forget a nice sourdough…for dipping.

Seriously, this was good again. 

I’ve returned to the scene of the sublime @OberonsTavern. Back for a @HopValley Red. And, of course, the Honey Bacon Apple and Cheese sando of lore. Green apples with cheddar and honey bacon grilled inside sour dough bread, drizzled with house made balsalmic vinegar. Come to @cityofashland enjoy the @osfashland and revel in the exquisitely hand carved Shakespeare verses lovingly applied atop an ancient slab of Oregon pine. OK, the pine part and verse deal is true, the hand carved part, I mean, come on…

@OberonsTavern in @cityofashland Oregon

Trust me, this was good. 

@OberonsTavern in Ashland Oregon. Excellent Grilled Honey Bacon Apple and Cheese sandwich with a delicious drizzle of house made Balsalmic vinegar, luckily, paired with an intense Chocolate Stout from @RogueAles The entire experience, too edible to wait for an awkwardly timed food selfie.