Awkwardly abstract food selfies…

Top Sirloin (Guerra’s) cuts marinating in chopped garlic, rosemary, a touch of basalmic and olive oil patiently await their meeting with the first grill of the season.  Hit hot and fast, seared in an aromatic joining of fire and flavor.

steaks abstract

Another trio of flavor…

make a move on grilling season out here on the west coast.  Looking for a selfie op this homegrown rosemary (all about organic backyard victory!), organic garlic (a word about organics), olive oil , salt and pepper make a delicious marinade for these Top Sirloin steaks acquired today from Guerra’s Meats. (best little butcher shop in the west)  Guerra’s has been providing meats, seafood and sundries for over 50 years in SF and shopping there is a real slice of life, as it were.  Up next, divine abstract of the foodie sort…


homegrown rosemary, organic garlic and extra virgin olive oil


Top Sirloin steaks from Guerra’s Market in San Francisco