Pasta Bolognese post bowling. 

Pasta with a Bolognese sauce prepared by Brian F. Connors Esq. and Susan Shors Esq. for Team Honor.  After a 2 for 2 night against a tough Lake Merced League squad, the team retires to a meal of an egg pappardelle pasta and an outstanding “bowlingese” sauce. Served with a glass or two of Powder Keg Cabernet Sauvignon.  True to form, an awkwardly timed food selfie is born. Buon appetito.


Tonight’s sushi,

was a complete disaster in the food selfie sense. In the sushi sense it rocked! Fish and rice was ordered, Sushi Bistro on Balboa delivered and eaten. Not an image in sight.  Yet an awkwardly timed photo was managed well after the dishes were done. We supplied the sticks, glad we didn’t turn down the soy, ours was almost empty. 


Bark scape. Alien scenes of flavor in orbit.

Pulled Pork in sight after 7 hours at 225 degrees creating a landscape imaged from above. Populated by paprika and chili flakes this other worldly view of flavor and fullness was worth the wait. Typically, the roasting of the pork shoulder and chopping up of the cole slaw took precedence over images and this meal was a memory without an utter lack of photos.  Served up on Hawaiian Sweet Bread King’s Hawaiian! Yes! with pickles from a very terrestrial source, Vlasic Stackers…is this stork supposed to be Groucho, or what?  Pork Shoulder purchased at my favorite butcher, Guerra’s Meats in San Francisco.  at Taraval and 15th in the Sunset.  #food #foodies #foodselfies

Just another case of bad timing and an awkward food selfie is born.

Grilled and good to go, add a nice red wine and we’re ready for our closeup!

Roots Run Deep winery (Educated Guess) has been so kind as to produce a wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon for a remarkably affordable price of around $20.  Yes, you can enjoy wine without busting your budget!  Paired with these succulent sirloins to create a taste and memory that will not fade.  These steaks fed my oldest son and his good buddy, home from school for Spring Break.  Full and happy, ready to take on the coming spring time ritual of a break from studies and a head of new beginnings the young men take their leave.  All this and I forgot to photograph desert!  Next time, in an awkward way.

educated guessgrilled steaks

Another trio of flavor…

make a move on grilling season out here on the west coast.  Looking for a selfie op this homegrown rosemary (all about organic backyard victory!), organic garlic (a word about organics), olive oil , salt and pepper make a delicious marinade for these Top Sirloin steaks acquired today from Guerra’s Meats. (best little butcher shop in the west)  Guerra’s has been providing meats, seafood and sundries for over 50 years in SF and shopping there is a real slice of life, as it were.  Up next, divine abstract of the foodie sort…


homegrown rosemary, organic garlic and extra virgin olive oil


Top Sirloin steaks from Guerra’s Market in San Francisco



Chicken Parmesan made late and slow…

Hard to remember a food selfie when you’re starving after a long day. Chewing while imaging.  This labor of love and flavor started at 5:30 with a nice sear on the chicken, then covered and dropped with some red sauce into the oven at 155 for 3 1/2 hours.  Meanwhile the kitchen staff, Chef Gar Truppelli Honor Kitchen and Cocktails, Sous Chef Jim Thirtyacre 30acreimaging, Sommeliers Brian Connors Esq. and Greg Kennedy Occidental Power retires to the confines of Classic Bowling Center Classic Bowling Center in Daly City for some league play…there are rules!…while the chicken anticipates its transformation to Chicken Parmesan.  After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the team makes it home to complete the Parm.