Seriously, this was good again. 

I’ve returned to the scene of the sublime @OberonsTavern. Back for a @HopValley Red. And, of course, the Honey Bacon Apple and Cheese sando of lore. Green apples with cheddar and honey bacon grilled inside sour dough bread, drizzled with house made balsalmic vinegar. Come to @cityofashland enjoy the @osfashland and revel in the exquisitely hand carved Shakespeare verses lovingly applied atop an ancient slab of Oregon pine. OK, the pine part and verse deal is true, the hand carved part, I mean, come on…

@OberonsTavern in @cityofashland Oregon

Trust me, this was good. 

@OberonsTavern in Ashland Oregon. Excellent Grilled Honey Bacon Apple and Cheese sandwich with a delicious drizzle of house made Balsalmic vinegar, luckily, paired with an intense Chocolate Stout from @RogueAles The entire experience, too edible to wait for an awkwardly timed food selfie. 

Tonight’s sushi,

was a complete disaster in the food selfie sense. In the sushi sense it rocked! Fish and rice was ordered, Sushi Bistro on Balboa delivered and eaten. Not an image in sight.  Yet an awkwardly timed photo was managed well after the dishes were done. We supplied the sticks, glad we didn’t turn down the soy, ours was almost empty.