Chicken Parmesan made late and slow…

Hard to remember a food selfie when you’re starving after a long day. Chewing while imaging.  This labor of love and flavor started at 5:30 with a nice sear on the chicken, then covered and dropped with some red sauce into the oven at 155 for 3 1/2 hours.  Meanwhile the kitchen staff, Chef Gar Truppelli Honor Kitchen and Cocktails, Sous Chef Jim Thirtyacre 30acreimaging, Sommeliers Brian Connors Esq. and Greg Kennedy Occidental Power retires to the confines of Classic Bowling Center Classic Bowling Center in Daly City for some league play…there are rules!…while the chicken anticipates its transformation to Chicken Parmesan.  After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the team makes it home to complete the Parm.


My food selfies,

tend to be awkwardly timed.  Either I’m cooking or eating, often forgetting to image my meal when it’s ready, or in this case, before it’s even imagined.  Having added the Silver Spoon cookbook (Il cucchiaio d’argento) to my library I’m hoping to have many new opportunities to mess up another food selfie.silver_spoon_selfie